The next meeting of the London Chapter, Ontario Archaeological Society will be on Thursday, February 13, 2020 at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology, 1600 Attawandaron Road in London. 

The meeting is the perennial favourite Member’s Night where several speakers will give brief overviews of their recent archaeological activitiesThis year there will be four speakers talking about topics such as last summer’s London Chapter hosted Archaeology Day at Lake Whittaker to the analysis of colonial era gravestone markings. 

As always there will be free juice and cookies!!

The meeting itself will begin at the usual 7:30 PM but as an added bonus, that evening marks the opening of the latest Museum of Ontario Archaeology temporary exhibit: Who Cares About the Past? Ontario Archaeology in Practice. 

Chapter members are cordially invited to see and participate in the opening ceremonies for, and of course view, this exhibit beginning at 7 PM or just before our normal meeting. To accommodate this event, the Museum doors will be open at 6:30 PM, a half hour before they usually open. Hope to see you there! 

Who Cares about the Past Archaeology in practice

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