Our annual London Chapter OAS picnic is scheduled for Sunday, July 9 starting around 11 AM to Noon at the Longwoods Conservation Area west of Delaware. Here are the directions on how to get there:

and here is the program and other information link:

There are rumours the flintknappers led by Darcy Fallon will appear and if we are lucky we will all get a chance to throw atlatl darts at the fake deer and Chris Ellis and other Chapter members will identify artifacts brought in by the general public. As always, the chapter will have a barbecue pit and provide some hotdogs, sausages, hamburgers, condiments and such but one should bring one’s own beverages and desserts. The event will be centered in the covered area with tables just northwest of the main parking lot and washroom facilities at Longwoods. There is usually a charge for parking but member attending the picnic can get a free pass to put in their car at the parking lot/picnic area north of the headquarters building so ignore the pay station on the way in.

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