Long House Widths Database

Attached are four downloadable files as mentioned in the article “Long House Widths and the Pickering Conquest Hypothesis” published in Kewa 01-4. These are provided as a means to make the data used for the analysis available to researchers interested in answering J. V. Wright’s challenge to deal with the data. The first file is the database that contains all the house dimension data and the other three are the SPSS Output files from the analysis. For background data on these files see the article. If anyone is interested in adding data to the database please contact Jim Keron. The original version used in the article will be maintained but if interest is shown we will add other data to a new copy of the file.  

       DownloadHouse Width Database SPSS version 10.00 sav format.  
       T test Output file .  
       Site Averges Output file .  
       Error Bar Output file