The Occasional Publication Series publishes full-length research manuscripts on the archaeology of Northeastern North America and related topics. Manuscripts are reviewed internally by the Series Editorial Board, and by outside reviewers. Publication proposals and manuscripts submitted will be considered for publication. For further information, please write to the Series editor at the address provided at the end of this page.

Occasional Publications

Occasional Publication No 1.Studies in Southwestern Ontario Archaeology – Fox, William A. 19 Chapters: 130+p., 70+ figures. (Out of Print). A collection of research articles selected from ten years of the London Chapter’s newsletter, KEWA, covering the full chronological range of Southwestern Ontario’s culture history. Table of Contents Here.

Occasional Publication No 2.Archaeological Consulting in Ontario, Papers of the London Conference – Fox, William A. 13 Chapters: 110 p. 20+ figures ($6.00)A volume of contributed papers from archaeologists representing both the public and private sectors. Survey assessment reliability, municipal development, predictive site modelling and the issue of burials are among the topics discussed through reviews and case studies.

Occasional Publication No 3.The Adder Orchard Site: Lithic Technology and Spatial Organization in the Broadpoint Late Archaic – Jacqueline Fisher. 7 Chapters: 100+pp, 30+ figures. Usually $15.00. Sale Price: $10.00This report is an analysis of material recovered during the excavations of the Adder Orchard Site in 1989. The report examines “the lithic tool kit, lithic procurement strategy, age, environmental context, and subsistence dynamics of the Broadpoint Horizon in the lower Great Lakes region.”

Occasional Publication No 4.Deeds/Nations – Curnoe, Greg. 200+pp, 90+figures. (Out of Print).This volume represents a massive compilation of undertaken by the late Canadian artist, Greg Curnoe, of the First nations’ leaders and individuals who negotiated and signed the various land surrenders for southwestern Ontario, and shaped the 18th and 19th century history of this region. Curnoe’s exhaustive research of the primary documents, local histories and Native oral traditions has led to the creation of a manuscript which takes these individuals and the communities they represented from the obscurity they had been relgated to by traditional Canadian history. 

Occasional Publication No 5.The Archaeology of Southern Ontario to A.D. 1650 – Ellis, Chris J. and Neal Ferris, editors 570 p., 210+ figures. (Out of Print). A volume of contributed papers providing comprehensive reviews of the cultural-chronological periods making up the prehistory of Southern Ontario. Exhaustive illustrations of material culture and site features, a compiled reference section, and a review of the environmental setting of Southern Ontario are additional features. “…an extremely valuable contribution to our knowledge of the first people of Southern Ontario… ” J.V. Wright. Table of Contents Here.

Occasional Publication No 6.Boreal Forest and Sub-Arctic Archaeology – Reid, C.S. “Paddy” 8 Chapters: 180+p., 65+ figures (Out of Print).A volume of contributed papers on various aspects of the prehistoric and historic culture history of the eastern boreal forest and sub-artic between Manitoba and Labrador.

Occasional Publication No 7.The Myers Road Site: Archaeology of the Early to Middle Iroquoian Transition. – (R. Williamson, editor). 6 Chapters: 210+pp, 75 figures (Out of Print)An analysis of material recovered by ASI at an Iroquoian site in Cambridge, Ont. which spans the period of the transition from the Early to Middle Ontario Iroquois stages. The site shows several overlapping occupations similar to the pattern normally observed in Glen Meyer times. Artefacts range from late Glen Meyer to Middleport.

Occasional Publication No 8.Excavations at the Caradoc Site (AfHj-104): A Late Paleoindian Ritual Artifact Deposit. –  (C. J. Ellis and D. B. Deller with a contribution by R. H. King). 6 Chapters: 187 pp, 62 Figures. 2002. $15.00 Canadian or US — add $9.00 for postage in Canada. U.S. orders add $11.00 for postage.This volume provides a detailed description and analysis of a “cache” of purposefully broken Paleoindian tools (ca. 10,000 years old) recovered from a site just west of London, Ontario. A broken Paleoindian artifact assemblage of this nature has never before been reported, despite over 75 years of research across all of North America. The over 60 finished and unfinished tools are almost exclusively on Bayport chert from Michigan sources some 175 km away. They include forms rarely recovered on normal occupation, sites such as several large biface cores, as those forms are normally reduced to finished tools prior to discard. Experiments in the breakage of modern artifact replicas are reported in detail which allow the recognition of several ways to sort out purposeful breakage from that produced by modern agricultural or construction equipment and leave no doubt that the artifacts were purposefully destroyed by their maker(s). This purposeful breakage, along with other characteristics of the site, provides good evidence that it represents sacred activities of these early peoples, perhaps in the context of shamanistic ritual.

Occasional Publication No 9. The Complete Archaeologist: Papers in Honor of Michael W. Spence – (edited by Christopher Ellis, Neal Ferris, Peter Timmins and Christine White) 15 Chapters, 297 pp., numerous Figures. 2010. $20.00 Canadian or US — add $9.00 for postage in Canada. U.S. orders add $11.00 for postage. Table of Contents Here.
This volume, co-published as Ontario Archaeology Volumes 85-88 is distributed and sold by the London Chapter. In addition to a chapter chronicling the career of Dr. Spence and his contributions to Ontario and Mesoamerican Archaeology and bioarchaeology, the volume includes 14 chapters by his colleagues and former students divided into three sections that reflect his diverse theoretical and substantive interests: Ontario Archaeology, Osteological Studies and Ethnicity and Identity. Papers are included that: focus on as the timing of the introduction of the bow and arrow in Ontario, report on Late Archaic to Historic European Ontario archaeological and osteological sites and collections, examine osteological evidence for a period of inter-personal violence amongst 3000 year old south African foragers, and explore how ethnic identity is manifest in a modern African society and in ancient Mesoamerican archaeological and osteological collections. For a pdf of the complete list of contents click here.

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