In the interest of making information and tools more widely available to the archaeological community, the London Chapter of the OAS provides this page where data and tools can be accessed and downloaded to your computer. In return we would request that you pass any new material that you have that would be useful to a wider audience back to us for inclusion. For example, if you down load the fluted point data base and then use it to compare with we would appreciate that the new information be returned for inclusion. Similarly, we have included some computer routines which facilitate mapping exercises. If you have any other useful routines we will seriously consider adding them. With your co-operation this page can evolve to be a highly useful tool to the archaeological community. Submissions and suggestions are welcome. Please contact Chris Ellis.

The following links take you to the various tools currently available.  We also provide links to some other useful websites on Ontario Archaeology.

Southwestern Ontario: The First 12,000 Years
This link will connect you to a website developed by the Museum of Ontario Archaeology that outlines in detail aspects of southwestern Ontario’s pre-contact past.

Fluted Point Database 
This database contains a data on a large number of fluted points primarily from southern Ontario. The file is in SPSS format in order to facilitate comparison with other fluted points. 

Mapping Tools 
This page contains infomation on basic mapping mathematics as well as speadsheets which will do the various calculations for you. For example one spreadsheet converts transit data into Cartesian coordinates which could then be imported into various computer mapping programs (e.g. Autocad, Surfer, MFWorks). 

London Museum of Archaeology Catalog Codes 
Originally developed by Dr. Wm. Finlayson in the early 70s, the set of catalog codes used by London Museum of Archaeology has become something of a de facto standard. The catalog codes are presented here so as to make all the codes in the most recent version available to a wider audience. 

Southern Ontario Projectile Points 
The London Chapter of the OAS has published a set of projectile point types over the years in the chapter newsletter Kewa. All of the published point types are included here in order to make them more broadly accessable. Some of the original publications have been augmented with pictures of collections of that type and a number of links to other point type definitions on the web are included. 

Chapter Library 
This page contains a listing of material that was in the Chapter Library. As the library was under utilized it was donated to the London Museum of Archaeology. Please contact them to arrange access.

Long House Widths 
      This page contains the SPSS files for the article “Long House Widths and the Pickering Conquest Hypothesis” by Jim Keron in KEWA 01-4.