SIZE: Typically Saugeen points range from 40-60 mm. in length, 20-30 mm. in maximum width, 15-22 mm. in hafting width and 7-10 mm. in thickness.

SHAPE: Generally these points are made on trianguloid preforms which may have either convex or straight lateral margins and either convex or straight bases. The hafting modification varies from side notched to expanding stemmed. In cross-section the points may be biconvex (lenticular) but are often bitriangular (diamond shaped) especially in reworked specimens.

FLAKING: Saugeen points tend to be coarsely made; the flakes scars are irregular and hinge fractures are common; in outline the points are frequently asymmetrical; the thickness/width ratio is rather high (.30 – .40).

RAW MATERIAL: Local cherts tend to be preferred. In the Lake Huron drainage, Kettle Point (Port Franks) chert is common but in the Lake Erie drainage Onondaga chert is dominant.

DISTRIBUTION: In south-western Ontario, these points are common in the Lake Huron drainage (especially the Saugeen, Maitland and Ausable rivers) and are found south to the central Lake Erie shoreline.

AGE AND CULTURAL AFFILIATIONS: This type is the characteristic point form of the Middle Woodland Saugeen culture. They should date to somewhere between circa. 500 B.C. and A.D. 500 with most of them falling in the last half of this time range.

REMARKS: Related point types are found in other Middle Woodland cultures in the central Great Lakes and Mississippi drainages. In Michigan, the Middle Woodland levels of the Schultz site have “large expanding stemmed points” (made from the local Bayport chert) which are very similar in both form and size to the Saugeen points. There are several Hopewellian types which are morphologically similar to Saugeen points; namely Steuben Stemmed, Mankers Stemmed and Mankers Corner Notched. In Ontario these Hopewellian types are found occasionally; they can be distinguished from Saugeen points since the Hopewellian forms are made from exotic cherts, especially Flint Ridge (Ohio).

REFERENCE: Kenyon, I. – 1979 Saugeen Points. KEWA 79-9. ( Text of Original Publication )