Please join us this Thursday February 11, 2021 at 7:30 PM.

The Annual Event: Member’s Night! From the Paleolithic to 19th Century; from Mongolia to Ontario!

Please join us for our annual Member’s Night where we will have at least four short presentations by Chapter members on a variety of temporal and geographic archaeological topics with foci on stone tools, radiocarbon dating, a 19th century homestead & who knows what else!

Contact if you want to be sent a link to the ZOOM meeting session.

Next month on Thursday, March 11. 2021 at 7:30 PM.

Dr. Darrin Lowery, Research Associate, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History, Department of Anthropology, Washington, D.C.

Late Pleistocene Geoarchaeology:  A Long-Term Collective Investigation of Eroding Coastal Landforms in the Middle Atlantic Region

Please join us for our March ZOOM Meeting where the presentation will feature Dr. Lowery taking about his groundbreaking research documenting pre-10,000 year old sites in the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding areas including some of the best candidates ever reported for Pre-Clovis occupation. Please contact if you want to be sent a link to the ZOOM meeting session.

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