The next meeting of the London Chapter OAS will be online via ZOOM. It will be held on Thursday, November 9, 2023 at 7:30 PM. The speaker will be:

Dr. Claude Chapdelaine, Professor Emeritus, Université de Montréal speaking on: Kruger 2 (BiEx-23) : Contributions to the Late Paleoindian Period in the Northeast

Dr. Chapdelaine will describe the fieldwork at this important. early, ca. 9000 year old, Paleo site near Sherbrooke, Quebec and examine some of the implications of the site work for our understanding of these early indigenous peoples. The talk will deal with three basic questions. The first is about typology and chronology; the second is related to the early phase of the Late Paleoindian Period with the Agate Basin type at the center of the discussion. The third and last question examines the number of distinct population movements, trying to follow the trail left by human groups in their migration from the West to the East. A proposed scenario of four distinct waves will be presented as well as a revision of the chronological framework leading to a provocative solution.

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